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Site Audit

The first stage of any campaign is to perform a site audit – this enables you to establish, what, how and when!

The first stage of any campaign, including an online marketing one, to establish key things that you are wanting to achieve, we tend to define these as simply as What, How and When!

What? -

…is it you are wanting to achieve? Is it to gain customers directly through your online marketing, or is it simply to raise general brand awareness? Once you have thought about and established exactly what it is you are after then you can proceed onto stage 2.

How? -

..are you going to achieve your targets, is it via PPC advertising, or via SEO for organic page rank? Regardliess we can help with either or both of these and perhaps most importantly what budget do you have to set against this?


..Are you going to start – is your site ready, or have you a current PPC camapaign in place, do you need to redesign or refocus the site to achieve your aims?

Once we have extablished the What, How and When we can then advise you which is the best form of online strategy either PPC, or SEO for organic search, or sometimes it is a combination of both! Once we know exactly what is need we can perform the site audit. A site audit will typically look at any current PPC campaigns you may have and analyse for:

✓ Campaign Settings: such as optimum times to advertise, and across what networks

✓ Adgroups: such as click through percentages, and are you advertising in the right areas

✓ Keywords: Do they work ? – Do your keywords attract people, doyou have a good quality score?

or if you don’t require a PPC Campaign but simply want to improve your organic rank we will look at your site and audit for:

✓ Keywords: What keywords do you wish to rank for

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