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SEO Services

SEO is a growing and vital area of online marketing – People are now coming round the the notion that an ongoing SEO budget is more important that other more traditional forms of advertising.

People are now turning to the internet more than ever and the old ways of finding information are being left behind. Even people whom traditionally might shy away from technology – ‘Silver Surfers’ as they are called now turn to the internet in ever increasing numbers and these are your potential customers too.

Big businesses such as Yell and Thompson are now finding that their old style book directories are no longer used or required in the modern world so they have replicated their directories online – however we still believe that if you can find what you need on the first page of Google directly then you won’t need to click and read through 300 pages of online directories. The concept of the directory is now dead. A high Google rank is essential to giving your business that competitive marketing advantage.

s3o Agency has worked with varied clients throughout the last year including Wholesalers, a Company that provides entertainment and parties to the F1 Circuit, Hotels, Building contractors, Salon Furniture distributors and many more. In all cases we are proud to have made significant improvements in the organic rank of all the clients we have worked for.

How do we do this?

Without giving away an trade secrets we manage this via a combination of “onsite” and “off site” optimisation, using recognised “White Hat” SEO methods. We work to ensure your site is as SEO friendly as possible and you’d be amazed at just how many little but legitimate tricks we know that will make a huge difference.

Once your site is receptive and ready for SEO we request the keywords from you that you wish to rank for and go about our business in a quiet but effective way ensuring that you feel in control of the process at every stage. We work on the principle that you’ll need to be as high up on page one of Google as possible, however we do advise that single keywords are to be avoided as they are unrealistic. Unlike some agencies, we never guarantee a page one placing as we do not control Google and couldn’t possibly hope to either – but we have found that given time pretty much anything can be achieved.

Dependent on the service level you are paying for you will get a regular review of your keyword positions to ensure your goals are being met and we always desire to work closely with you to ensure your peace of mind is assured.

As we said on the previous pages we don’t like to trap a client into long and complex service agreements. We always recommend that you give it three months, as by that stage we are very confident you will see a difference in your sites rank, so after the three months expire we will put you onto a monthly rolling contract which runs for as long as you feel you are getting the benefits from it. If after three months you feel that it isn’t working you – then you are free to walk away.

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