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Pay Per Click Management

s3o work individually with customers on their PPC advertising to ensure maximum returns

Pay Per Click is a very popular method of online advertising for the simple reason that you only pay for results. With traditional book directories you placed you AD, paid your fee and then pretty much hoped you’d be found. Regardless of results however you paid in full upfront for the year and if you got no business from that advert placing you were pretty much stumped.

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The PPC market is dominated by Google ADwords ahead of Microsoft Ad Centre

With PPC advertising it is all different : You only pay when someone clicks on your advert and each time someone clicks then you have the chance of converting that business. The most common, and probably the most popular, form of PPC advertising is Google ADwords. There are other types provided such as Microsoft’s AD Centre and Yahoo but Google pretty much dominates the search engine market and by extension the PPC market too. With pretty much 85-90% of all web search traffic many will ignore the other search engines in preference for Google.

One of the many benefits of PPC is that you remain in full control and can cut the advertising at any point, or you can make changes to it if you feel it isn’t delivering the results you wanted. Despite this many users remain genuinely confused and intimidated by PPC and the interface that is presented to you. If you are unsure or unaware of certain features then you can spend £,000′s on a wasted campaign which in many cases leaves you no better off that if you had made a payment to a traditional book directory.

s3o tend to view PPC as a short term project designed to bring you business whilst you work on building your organic rank, we treat PPC marketing as a compliment to proper ongoing SEO efforts designed to boost your sites organic rank. Despite this we do acknowledge that PPC can be a vital weapon in your everyday online marketing strategy and are therefore able to assist with:

Setting up of the initial campaign
Advice on budgets and how not to blow it
Advice on when to advertise depending on your market
How to maximise click through rates (CTR)
Keywords advice and targeting
Completing Google Grant applications for charities

New to PPC Advertising? Get a Free £50 ADwords trialStill confused about it all – then consider reading this article What are the Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising? (courtesy of ASR)

Are you a Registered Charity? if so you can apply for a Google Grant.

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