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s3o Agency specialise in just two core services:

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) & PPC (Pay Per Click) Management. This particular page is dedicated to giving you a brief overview of the two services, then a more detailed look is available by clicking on the “through links”. Both disciplines are complex – hence why we focus on them exclusively. We make our living out of a specialism in just two disciplines – we do not advise on brands, or design – we see little point in trying to work in other areas of the internet that we are not specialist in. We also suggest that agencies that claim they can do everything usually cannot – the phrase ‘Jack of all trades master of none’ seems to apply here!

We once worked on a contract where the agency that had designed and built the site claimed to be able to optimise it – it was very clear after six to nine months they couldn’t.

SEO Services
SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of ensuring your site shows up for various search terms and phrases, often referred to as “Key Words”. We are often asked by customers “Why doesn’t my site show up for this search term?” Our stock answer is to say it can depend, however, usually it will be because when the site is designed or built there is very often no real concern or regard given to the sites potential Google placing. Most designers will give you a nice looking site but they have no real desire or knowledge of how to make a site rank. We often get asked to optimise great looking sites that never get seen!

Once we’ve given your site the once over we’ll guarantee that you will rise in the organic rankings and see more traffic to the site as a result. Unlike a lot of SEO agencies we won’t trap you into long and complex service agreements, we prefer to work on a monthly rolling contract basis – however we do ask you give us a recommended three months to embed and make the required changes. For further information on our SEO Services please click through – SEO Services from s3o Agency

PPC Management Services

Example of Google ADs placings

Google ADs examples

Pay Per Click refers to sponsored adverts placed on search engine results from either Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other engine that offered sponsored listings. Sponsored Ad’s normally feature on the right hand side and the top of any search engine query. An example of a search query is show here on the right – for a better view simply click to enlarge the image.

PPC Management focuses not just on getting the AD to show but how best to optimise it for the maximum reach to your target audience and how to ensure that all important conversion from potential to “in the bag” customer. Money is often tight in recessions and ensuring the maximum amount of revenue can be squeezed out of your PPC budgets is essential. many people simply waste money on PPC advertising as they don’t know how to target the AD or even when the best times to attract new customers are.

To this end we focus on advising you on a budget and how to direct customers to you for conversion, the rest is up to you, but be assured all you have to do with s3o Agency managing your campaign for you is to worry about how to convert these new customers! A more detailed look at our PPC Managed Services is here – PPC Management from s3o Agency.