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Case Study 2

2/ Yorkshire based Solar Panel Installers

We first worked with this company back in 2011 when we were asked to significantly improve the organic rank of the campany for specified search terms. The company had previously employed the services of the design agency that had designed a built the website, unfortunately this wasn’t yielding any results. Our work involved the following strategy:

✓ Performing a site audit
✓ Identifying keywords
✓ Performing a tailored site overhaul to make it receptive for SEO
✓ A Link building Campaign
✓ Article writing service
✓ 18 Months of keyword SEO services

All of the above had the desired effect – the client ranked on page one of Google for several of their chosen search terms and site traffic increased significantly. Once this phase of work was completed the work stream eneded but the benefits remained have generally remained the client – for example there has been no SEO work performed on this site since 2013, but they still rank on page 2 for one of the search terms that they originally appeared on page one for.


 Last updated 1st March 2016