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About Us

s3o Agency was set up with just two things in mind – to supply specialist services in relation to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click) Management Services.

Why is this? Surely there are enough agencies whom cover these services already.

Our Answer is simple – yes there are but it is our contention that many of them are simply no good and charge you high fees and deliver nothing of any substantive value to your business.

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s3o Agency – SEO & PPC help

The reason we know this is both the founders of the Agency have in the past spent vast amounts of money to external agencies for SEO and Google ADwords management services only to have to fire those agencies and take the work in house. Based on this we have developed a business model that suits all styles and budgets and truly makes SEO and PPC Management affordable for all businesses.

Why SEO & PPC?

We once told a representative of YELL that we got more business from Google ADwords in one afternoon than we did from an annual YELL directory listing. That was fact! But a high organic rank in Google is quickest way to attract customers for virtually any industry.

We offer flexible and affordable SEO and PPC Management Services to our clients and have a proven track record in the delivery of:

  • Getting you onto page 1 of Google
  • Driving traffic to your site
  • Getting you new business via effective use of PPC Services